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For small and medium sized businesses


I am an HR Consultant who will give a personalised, realistic and commercial approach to your situations, giving you options and outlining the risks so that you can decide on the best route or course of action.  This saves you the cost of employing an HR internal Manager but having the same expertise as one for a fraction of the cost.

I specialise in companies with under 50 employees and will provide you with advice in a timely manner, and will keep it simple and pragmatic.

A specialist in employee relations, I will advise on keeping your business legally compliant and help with day to day issues such as absence management, discipline and grievance, performance management, HR paperwork, processes and policies along with HR software.


A large consultancy with other staff, you will always speak to me and me only (with the exception of holidays which will be covered by an HR associate Consultant).

A strategic HR Consultant – if you are looking for HR strategy to align your goals, values, evaluate your people capability, develop their capability through development programmes then I am not the person for you.  I could however, assist with the processes and procedures you may need to get where you want to be and recommend an associate who can work with you on your strategy.



HR software specifically designed for small and medium sized businesses. Breathe HR allows you to centralise all of your staff information in a simple to use HR system.  


You can have access to documentation, advice and guidance through the Remote Monthly Support package, which ensures you keep up to date on all your human resources advice.


Includes over 400 template documents regardless of number of employees/workers that you have.  Documents will be updated as required as legislation changes.


Want to hire me to set up all your contracts and documentation?  This new service is coming soon.

Join the membership… 

Only £40 a month

Includes over 400 template documents regardless of number of employees/workers that you have.

References – are they worth requesting?

References – are they worth requesting?

Job offers are often made subject to satisfactory references being obtained from previous employers.  But do you have to request references and should you? Firstly, there is no guarantee that you will obtain a reference as a previous employer does not have to give a...

Holiday requests & travel abroad

Holiday requests & travel abroad

Many employees will be wanting to travel abroad to get away or even see family that are overseas who they haven’t been able to see for a long period of time.  But, as we know from recent news the Government’s travel list of red, green and amber countries can change at...

Employee Engagement and Commercial Success

Employee Engagement and Commercial Success

Employee engagement is the extent to which employees feel passionately about their jobs, are committed to the company, and put discretionary effort into their work. It drives performance and businesses with engaged employees have higher productivity and profits and...

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